Frequently asked questions

If no one is in, will Your company still clean my windows?

Yes! A card will be put through Your letter box after we’ve finished to let You know we have been.

How do I pay if I am not home?

We now accept all payments through All payments made through GoCardless., a safe, secure and fast way of managing your payments online without the need for cash. To set up payments please click here. To learn more about All payments made through GoCardless., click here.

If my back gate is locked and I am not there, what will You do?

If You can give us Your contact details then the company will call You and let You know the eve that they will be coming the next day.

How often do You visit?

We will call to clean on a regular four, six or eight week basis, four weekly is our usual, but its up to You.

What if it’s raining, do You still come?

Yes, rainwater on clean windows will not make any difference as the rain only causes visible spots if there is dirt on the surface. We will still clean Your windows in accordance to our Rain guarantee.

How much will it cost?

Without seeing Your property it is impossible to give an accurate quote, the price depends on many things, such as how often You have them cleaned, types of windows and accessibility.